Math Museum

Braille Use Campaign Branding

Dec 2022

Brand Identity
Concept + Research
Logo Design


Dot to Dot is a campaign designed to encourage food product businesses and companies to include braille in their products for visually impaired people. Additionally, it raises awareness of braille use in daily life.Dot to Dot means connecting the public to ones who are visually impaired and creating an inclusive community. From one to another, just like from dot to dot, collectively we make a difference.InDesign | Figma | Illustrator | Photoshop

Story Behind Colors

Blue is the primary color for Math Musueum identity. It represents the logical and rule-based aspects of math. This blue is the identity of the Math Museum.

The secondary colors are green and purple, which are the mixed color of blue and another primary color. The secondary colors symbolize the idea of math applied to other world such as sound, visual art, and other daily life.


ApplicationsWebsite | Letterhead | Business Cards | Stickers | BookTote Bags | Box Tape | T-Shirt | Postcard | Stamp | Truck

I considered how this campaign would be promoted and decided to produce some merchandise design that can be used in daily life. Based on the design system I created, I kept consistency on digital and physical merchandises.


Plan Timeline ➡ Brainstorm Concept ➡ Moodboard ➡
Proposal Three Directions ➡ Ideate ➡ Feedback

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