Interview with
Emiko Osaka

This publication is about interview with Emiko Osaka, a senior designer at Lippincott based in San Francisco, CA. I learned the process of preparing an interview and collecting contents (preparing questions, conducting interview, editorial design).

The Design Imagination

The Design Imagination is a monochromatic book about The Design Imagination written by Zoë Ryan. It questions the readers what design would be in the future and what we are expecting. I also created a website with interactions that reflects the visual system from the book. These formats present different reading experiences.

The essay is from

On Photography

On Photography is a collection of essays published in 1977, and it is written by Susan Sontag, an American writer and political activist. To show different perspectives on the 1970s photography, I included two contents, On Photography by Susan Sontag and Ways of Seeing by John Berger, and designed the book.

Hope & Anchor Hardware
Brand Guideline Book

This is a style guide book for Hope & Anchor Hardware, an eco-friendly paint hardware store. It includes logo, visual system, products, website, and other merchandise.

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